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3 Ways To Stay Motivated

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Everyone is motivated to work out when a new year starts. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, you are resolved to exercise more.

This is your year!


You join a new gym (or start going more often), or try new classes and fit camps that you previously put off.

But then life happens. You’re tired, busy, or would rather sleep in than go to the gym. You put off exercising until tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

We’ve all been there, myself included. It’s hard to stay motivated after the initial excitement of the new year drops off.

Fortunately, staying motivated doesn’t have to be impossible. I’ve used these simple tricks and I hope they might help you too.

A Reward System

Now, this doesn’t mean you eat a massive bowl of ice cream and undo all your hard work. I think making the benefits of exercise tangible can increase motivation. After my workouts, I like to watch Gilmore Girls and drink my favorite turmeric tea, but your reward might be a weekend mani/pedi or reading a new book.

A physical reward creates a link in your mind that the behavior (going to the gym) is worthwhile. It also increases the chance that exercise will become a habit.

Rethink Your Thinking

Instead of only thinking positive, try to identify what’s holding you back. I thought this would force me to harp on the negative, but it had the opposite effect. Once I knew what my mental block was I could create a plan to fix it. I found I was too tired to attend a morning fitness class, so I switched my workout time to the afternoon. I had control over my fitness journey and I enjoyed my workouts more.

Exercise With Others

There’s nothing better than the joy, laughter and camaraderie that you feel while exercising with others. Whether it’s a group of 5 or a class of 20, I love to surround myself with other people at the gym. I feel like I have people in my corner supporting me, even if I don’t know them personally.


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