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My Best Gym Buddy

The first time I joined Jake at the gym — walking past the treadmills, ellipticals and stairmasters toward the strength training area — I felt out of my element.

There were only a handful of people there, but they were all strong. Lifting incredibly heavy weights like total badasses.

Why was I here? I wasn’t strong.

I was a bag of nerves. I felt every pair of eyes on me — watching and judging.

Now I know that was only in my head, but I couldn’t be convinced at the time.

Jake had been lifting for a while so he was my pseudo trainer. He showed me the lifts, found good starting weights and talked me through each movement.

I struggled with some lifts (and still do to this day — I’m looking at you, bench press!) and loved others.

I gained more confidence as the evening progressed. My adrenaline pumping and endorphins rushing, I couldn’t wait to lift again.

I felt strong.

It can feel terrifying to go to the gym for the first time. You might stand petrified in the doorway wondering why you’re there and comparing yourself to everyone else. I'm lucky Jake coached me through my first weightlifting session. Having a support system gave me security and focus.

If you’re nervous about working out or trying something new, bring your spouse, a friend, family member or co-worker. Exercise doesn’t have to be a solitary thing. A gym buddy is a special bond and makes gym days a lot more fun.


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