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Why I Love Deadlifting

I love deadlifting. From my first rep, I was hooked.

At my peak performance I could deadlift 110 pounds. I stopped lifting regularly for a time and that number dropped, but I’m working my way up again.

I think deadlifting is the crown jewel of strength training. It engages your hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, back and core.

And you feel totally awesome.

But I soon discovered that deadlifting has a few quirks you need to learn to lift safely. These techniques worked for me, but I’d suggest talking to a personal trainer or other professional before diving in.

Shin Distance To The Bar

Sounds simple, right? Stand over the bar and lift. Nope, not that easy!

I stood too far from or near to the bar, so I lifted with my lower back. That’s a big deadlifting no-no. When I stood with the middle of my feet underneath the bar I wasn’t pulling it with my back anymore. The optimal position.

Head Positioning

Another thing I struggled with. I knew I had my head in the wrong position after my workout because my neck ached. Not good.

I assumed looking straight ahead was right, but it caused my back to round. A straight back is the cardinal rule of deadlifting.

To keep the back straight, look down so your head stays in a position which doesn’t round your back.


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